Nike Golf’s new Tiger Woods online ad draws criticism

27 Mar 2013

World No 1 golfer Tiger Woods

Clever publicity or advertising fail? Social media users are lashing out at Nike Golf over its new ad featuring world No 1 golfer Tiger Woods and his own quote, “Winning takes care of everything.”

The ad, posted on Nike Golf’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, is meant to allude to the fact Woods climbed back from career setbacks and regained the world No 1 ranking on Monday after having lost it in 2010.

However, some social media users have deemed the ad inappropriate – among other things – considering Woods’ previous marital indiscretions, which he himself has admitted.

While the ad has drawn plenty of positive responses – at the moment it has drawn 2,690 retweets and 630 favourites on Twitter, and some 8,700 Likes and 2,650 shares on Facebook – displeasure with the ad is equally prominent.

“Disgusting message, disgusting role model,” Facebook user Dennis Lynch wrote.

“Tiger Woods, check. Lance Armstrong, check. Oscar Pistorius, check. Winning really does take care of everything hey Nike… #values #allaboutthemoney,” Gustav de Troch wrote.

Sherry P. Terry wrote that Nike needs to rethink this ad. “A simple congratulations would have sufficed,” she wrote. “Taking a stance that winning covers everything sends the wrong message to youth everywhere (as well as adults!).”

In response to the quote “Winning takes care of everything”, Twitter user MrFox tweeted, “Except the marriage & family u destroyed.”

Matthew Smith simply tweeted, “NO.”

Twitter user davidebowman asked, “Would Nike put that slogan under Lance Armstrong’s picture? Mike Vick. Being a better human fixes everything, not winning.”

The backlash has prompted Nike to respond, ESPN reported.

“Tiger has always said he competes to win,” Nike spokesman Beth Gast said in a statement.

“When asked about his goals, such as getting back to No 1, he has said consistently winning is the way to get there. The statement references that sentiment and is a salute to his athletic performance.”

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The ad by Nike Golf that has sparked a backlash on social media:

Nike Golf's Tiger Woods ad

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