Sony shows off new 3D visor

7 Jan 2011

Sony is developing a 3D headset that allows the wearer to watch 3D content without glasses, as shown during its ‘3D goes personal’ presentation at CES.

As well as new 3D versions of its Bloggie camera and Handycam, 3D cybershots, a 3D Vaio laptop, updates to the Bravia TV and its Blu-ray players, Sony is pioneering a futuristic looking visor that would certainly cut a dash on Stark Trek.

Sony Headset

Sony is pioneering a new headset prototype that will allow users to watch 3D content without glasses. Toshiba is also working in this space

3D goes personal was the theme of Sony’s CES presentation, which kicked off with Sony global chairman and CEO Howard Stringer entering the stage in a car from the upcoming 3D movie The Green Hornet, alongside the film’s stars Seth Rogan and Jay Chou.

“3D is far more than a science fiction gimmick designed to make special effects dominate the storyline and bedazzle the viewer, 3D simply mirrors the experience of the viewer itself,” said Stringer.

The presentation closed with a Cirque Du Soleil troop performing Viva Elvis.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic