They’re all winners at the Irish Blog Awards 2011

21 Mar 2011

From sports to music, politics and business, the Irish bloggerati marked six years of their awards at a shindig the Europa Hotel in Belfast – Europe’s most-bombed hotel – to celebrate the best in Irish blogging talent.

Irish Blog Awards 2011 winners out of a marathon 23 categories were as follows:

Best Pop Culture blog –

Best Food/Drink Blog –

Best Lifestyle –

Best Music Blog –

Best Photo Blog –

Best Technology Blog/Blogger –

Best Sport and Recreation Blog –

Best Blog of a Business –

Best Arts and Culture Blog –

Best Blog from a Journalist –

Best News/Current Affairs Blog –

Best Group Blog –

Best Political Blog –

Best Blog of a Politician –

Use of the Irish Language in a Blog –

Best Specialist Blog –

Best Newcomer –

Best Youth Blog –

Best Personal Blog –

Best Science/Education Blog –

Best Humour Blog –

Best Blog Post – Being Depressed Just Means You’re Not a Moron

Best Blog –

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