Twitter analytics go public – all users can now see their tweets’ performance

13 Jun 2013

Every Twitter user can now check out in-depth data about their tweets and followers as the social network’s analytics platform goes free-for-all.

Previously, Twitter’s analytics service was only open to advertising partners through Twitter for Business. Now, users can log in with their Twitter account details via or, The Next Web revealed.

This brings you to a set-up for Twitter’s advertising service, but instead of paying to promote your tweets, you can just click ‘Analytics’ in the navigation bar and check out ‘Timeline activity’ or ‘Followers’.

Clicking here brings up detailed information gleaned from your Twitter account. A graph of the previous month’s mentions, follows and unfollows appears on top in ‘Timeline activity’, and underneath is a breakdown of each tweet’s favourites, retweets and replies.

For tweets containing links, this list also tells you how many clicks they received.

The list of tweets can be filtered by ‘Best’, ‘Good’ or ‘All’, with ‘Best’ being the top 15pc of tweets for engagement and ‘Good’ being the top two-thirds. All of this data can also be downloaded as a CSV data file.

Twitter has not made an official announcement about its analytics service going public and, from my own tests, it doesn’t seem to be ready just yet. For both my personal Twitter account and @SiliconRepublic, I was told there wasn’t enough data to calculate stats on followers and mentions.

It could be that Twitter is still working out some kinks in the system before an official announcement is made.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic