UTV in cyber crime pact with Digital Hub firm

31 Oct 2007

UTV Internet has entered into an exclusive relationship with Digital Hub-based Brandmail Solutions to provide a secure branding system as a free service to UTV’s email users.

The service from Brandmail, headed by Noel Ruane and which also has offices in Germany and the US, will allow UTV Internet users to easily identify authentic digitally signed email by the presence of the sender’s brand logo in the “From” field of the email inbox alongside the Brandmail secure logo.

“Everybody knows that cybercrime and email spoofing is on the rise” said Jeremy Biggerstaff, managing director, UTV New Media.

“But very few can tell you how to tell from the contents of an email if it is genuine or spoofed. Our email subscribers have become increasingly wary and unlikely to open and act on email.

“We’ve had to disable automatic image display and links, and that makes for a less satisfactory experience with email. We believe that Brandmail Solutions has an excellent, intuitive solution that does not require the end user to modify their behaviour or indeed download any plug-ins,” Biggerstaff said.

To send a Branded Email, a Brandmail Solutions sending partner affixes a digital signature to their outbound email. Using the SbS2.0 Reader, UTV Internet inspects the signatures on inbound email to verify the sender and prove that the email has not been tampered with en-route.

Upon validation, the SbS2.0 Secure Branding System renders the brand logo of the sender in the ‘From’ field of the inbox list view of the email client, providing a highly visible brand impression and mark of trust that this email is indeed valid and can be safely opened.

By John Kennedy