Virtual Cinema calls for Irish talent

7 Jan 2008

A new scheme, Virtual Cinema, developed by the Irish Film Board (IFB) and outsourced to Dublin-based digital content producers Wildwave, is aiming to cultivate the indigenous digital film-making industry.

With a plan at the outset of ‘no creative holds barred’, the scheme wants to encourage film graduates and budding film-makers to think outside the box with a mind to making short films suitable for digital video consumption.

The deadline for entering for funding under this scheme is 14 February 2007. Films must be at least two minutes long and can be made in English or Irish, in either live-action or animation format.

The scheme will produce up to 10 films a year and each will receive up to €2,000 financial assistance.

Wildwave, which has film, sports and music channels on the online TV service Joost, will be managing the entire scheme but the IFB will have approval rights on shooting. script, casting and the key technical crew.

The film board will be setting up an online database for this scheme that will bring together actors, technicians and other individuals with key skills who are interested in getting involved in short films.

While copyright remains with the film-makers, the IFB will appoint a sales agent and have distribution rights worldwide for the first five years.

By Marie Boran