Yahoo! and Microsoft begin testing search alliance

21 Jul 2010

Following last year’s announcement to work together on search and advertising, Yahoo! has begun to integrate Bing search results in its listings – both paid and algorithmic.

In mid-July, Yahoo! began testing the delivery of organic, ie, algorithmic search results from Microsoft Bing to its own search engine. This will most likely gradually increase to about 25pc of the total Yahoo! Search traffic (in the US).

From the paid results side of things, Microsoft Advertising adCenter will also be used but to a lesser extent: this could rise to between 2.5pc and 3.5pc of live Yahoo! Search traffic in the US, says Yahoo!.

The surrounding content, features, tools, etc, on the Yahoo! Search pages remain the same and will not be anything to do with Microsoft.

In a few months time, Yahoo! says its mobile search in Canada and the US will include Microsoft Bing results in the next few months.

The time frame for switching over completely to Bing for desktop and mobile is August/September 2010 and full switchover to Microsoft’s Advertising adCenter by October.