YouTube Trends brings insight into top videos

14 Dec 2010

YouTube has launched YouTube Trends, a destination giving insight and statistics on the most popular YouTube video content, including location and age.

The destination can be seen on a blogspot page, helping users identify the biggest viral or news worthy phenomena on the site. It’s aimed to help people “understand more about the world we live in” as opposed to be simply there for entertainment or information.

The YouTube Trends site features algorithmically-generated feeds to highlight trending topics in videos, similar to trending tweets on Twitter.

Users can also set a specific location to give them information on what’s trending in their area and can also sort by age group.

At the top is a collection of videos, gathered twice daily from those feeds and from global video curation sites.

The blog gives in-depth and contextual exploration of videos and trends using YouTube’s internal data.

It will also offer charts, data visualisations and features on major cultural events as told through YouTube.