The magical moment Coldplay’s Fix You broke barriers on Call of Duty

17 Aug 2015

The world of online gaming — and particularly first-person shooters (FPS) — is notoriously full of angry teenagers shouting at one another, but sometimes there are moments that are oddly touching, even if they do involve Coldplay.

Typically in Call of Duty (COD), if someone isn’t shouting down the microphone at you calling you a noob or some other unprintable expletive, you’re doing rather well.

For years, the COD franchise has largely been held to blame for most of the online hate experienced by gamers given that it is typically full of teenagers – who shouldn’t legally be playing the game – who have a little too much testosterone flying around.

So when YouTube user Sinji uploaded a video of his experiences as a player on Call of Duty: Black Ops, you feared that you were in for an uncomfortable ride.

And while it is indeed as uncomfortable as you would imagine, it turns out it’s for unexpected reasons, as Sinji heard the slightly surprising singing of one of his game’s players.

No, it wasn’t some death metal track, but rather the power pop ballad that is Coldplay’s Fix You, sung totally off-key and minus many of the words.

Regardless, you can’t help but sit and listen to the guy unwittingly giving a performance to dozens of people online and, for once, no one chimes in to call him a noob.

Well done, internet.

Chris Martin image via Shutterstock

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic