Games arrive on Google+

12 Aug 2011

Google will begin to roll out games to Google+, which includes an option to show and hide gaming updates on a user’s stream.

The service will roll out “gradually” across the service and its debut titles from its partners will include Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz, Dragon Age Legends and Zynga Poker.

Google pointed out it’s focusing on quality as opposed to quantity so for now, it will add gaming partners in “small steps.” Developers interested in making games for Google+ can contact Google.

Vic Gundotra, senior vice-president of engineering said Google+ will give users control over when they see and play games, a move that was probably aimed at Facebook users tired of FarmVille updates clogging up their news feed.

By clicking the “games” button at the top of the stream, users can see the Games page, showing what games friends are playing, invites to play games and the latest updates.

The Games page will also show a user’s accomplishments, which can be shared with interested Google+ users.