Gigglebit: I like my gaming medium brown

19 Jan 2015

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Set your toaster dials to 11 for the next gaming adventure with the help of Python coding and camera trickery as YouTube user vexal gives a tutorial in how to turn the humble toaster into a cumbersome flappy joystick.

According to vexal, by connecting a modern toaster with built-in USB port into a PC, you are able to let it control a particular key with a few clicks of a mouse, clacks of a keyboard and, of course, the spring of a toaster.

The game which vexal playing is none other than the ultra-violent (and ultra-awesome) classic Doom which he seemingly plays with ease with the help of three different toasters.

Of course, it’s all too good to be true and an example of how to troll the entire internet through coding.

vexal has certainly found himself toast of the internet, regardless…

Shocking toaster image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic