Gotta map em’ all – Google Maps’ Pokémon challenge

1 Apr 2014

Finding Pokémon in St Stephen's Green, Dublin

For this year’s April Fools’ Day, Google is calling on the world’s Pokémon enthusiasts to ‘catch em’ all’ as it leaves Pokémon characters to find in different locations across the globe.

The inherent beauty of Google’s April Fools’ Day pranks is that the pranks are actually real. In this case, Google has placed thousands of little Pokémon icons across the map of the world and lets users catch them, as the company seeks to find candidates for the position of Pokémon master at its California headquarters.

Google said Maps users would need to travel to the ends of the Earth and take a photo of Pokémon icons on their phone.

Google Maps’ vice-president, Brian McClendon, said the company is looking to hire the best.

“Strong-willed applicants who collect every single Pokémon will be invited to the Googleplex to participate in the final round of hiring. The winner will start at Google on 1 September 2014 (as a Pokémon master).”

In Dublin, a few Pokémon icons have ‘appeared’ in two locations across the city, on College Green and in St Stephen’s Green, while a Sudowoodo Pokémon has been sighted at Bishop Lucey Park.

The choice of a Pokémon-themed day is rather inspired by the company, as the Japanese game has seen a resurgence of late after Twitch Plays Pokémon became an online sensation that allowed millions of players to control one character in the popular Nintendo Gameboy game using the Twitch streaming service.


Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic