Imgur updates embed options to help credit authors

8 Apr 2015

Imgur has updated its embedding options to help ensure users are properly credited when their content appears on external websites and blogs.

While the online image-hosting service has allowed embedding before, this new update means that hosted photographs and GIFs will now come with the Imgur logo, plus links to the content’s original upload page and its comment thread.

Multiple photos can also be posted in the same manner via Imgur’s ‘Albums’ feature, will allows users to scroll through images within the same embed.

Using embedding, the image remains hosted on Imgur and is covered under its copyright policies and processes (though it should be noted that a huge amount of its content isn’t owned by the uploader anyway). The company hopes the new option will cut down on people saving content from the site and uploading it directly to their own site.

Here’s a sample of the new format…

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Imgur has been fairly active of late, releasing a new app for iOS last month that the company claimed made “huge improvements to nearly everything about the mobile Imgur experience”. In January it unveiled ‘Video to GIF’, an online GIF creator that easily converts YouTube clips into the much-loved animation format.

Mobile image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic