Job Simulator revealed to be first SteamVR game

2 Mar 2015

Still from Job Simulator

Developer Owlchemy Labs has announced Job Simulator will be the first game released on SteamVR, Valve’s head-mounted virtual reality device.

Set in the year 2050, when robots fill all the traditionally blue collar positions, players must follow instructions from the sentient Job Bot to learn how ‘to job’ so they don’t forget their ‘ancient ancestors and history’.

Owlchemy Labs have a strong record in producing virtual reality games. Aaaaa! For the Awesome! for Oculus DK1 was one of the first and most downloaded VR games on Steam, while they also boast the highest grossing mobile VR game of all time with Caaaaardboard! and second most downloaded Oculus Share game, Aaaaaculus!

The company have released a short clip previewing Job Simulator, as well as a number of still images.

“It’s thrilling to play a part in the upcoming explosion of consumer VR and we’re proud to add another amazing opportunity to the list by being one of only a few select developers building content for some of the most incredible VR hardware in the world,” wrote the company in a statement.

Job Simulator will be playable at the Valve booth during the Games Developer Conference from March 4.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic