Netflix unleashes Spoiler Foiler as Breaking Bad fans fear Twitter reveals

25 Sep 2013

Image via AMC

As the season finale of Breaking Bad approaches, fans around the world are on tenterhooks – not only as they await the conclusion of the award-winning series, but also as they tread lightly online so as not to find out any plot details ahead of time.

Outside of the US, many viewers will catch the season finale through Netflix, where it will be available to stream following the US broadcast. But, once the secret is out and the season has ended on one side of the Atlantic, it won’t be long before news of the ending has spread across the internet.

To help fans that want to watch the finale with a clean slate, Netflix has created Spoiler Foiler, a tool that provides users with a Twitter feed safe from Breaking Bad news. Once users log in using their Twitter account details, their usual feed is generated, only through this medium tweets including any ‘danger words’ will be obscured.

These tweets are blacked out and prefaced with the words “SPOILER WARNING !!”. Users can click to reveal the content of the tweet or choose to carry on in a state of unspoiled bliss.

Spoiler Foiler

What potential spoiler tweets look like when viewed through Spoiler Foiler

Terms blocked by the filter include ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Heisenberg’, as well as more general words like ‘White’ (as in, Walter). This means that some blocked tweets will indeed contain safe information, but is it worth the risk of seeing them?

The filtered feed is especially useful to fans who may be far behind on the series and want to avoid the inevitable worldwide coverage of how it all ends.

Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.