New PS4 software update so large it has its own codename – ‘Yukimura’

25 Mar 2015

A new software update for the PS4 will be imminently released and will introduce a raft of improvements and is so large it has been given its own codename – ‘Yukimura’.

Otherwise known as the 2.5 update, it will have a global roll-out tomorrow (26 March) which Sony say will provide an “onslaught of new features”, some of which were advertised before the console even launched in November 2013.

Perhaps the most anticipated change to come from Yukimura is the ‘suspend/resume’ function which will allow the player to press the PS button on their controller in-game to go back to the home screen and switch it off to rest mode and restart where they left off when they switch the console back on.

No doubt this will be used by many a gamer who finds their frustration boiling over during difficult game moments.

This has been one of the changes that has been in the pipeline for nearly two years but it is only now that Sony have confirmed its addition.

For gamers who are all about premium visuals, Sony have also confirmed that players using the Remote Play or Share Play features can now receive their streamed games at 60fps for the first time.

Example of the ‘suspend/resume’ feature during Yukimura’s beta stage

Transfer files to external hard drive

Another boon to heavy gamers may seem like a very basic one, but will provide a much-needed facility to play a raft of games in the years to come.

The update in question will allow gamers to back up their console’s hard drive and transfer save files, saved screenshots/videos as well as updates to an external hard drive.

The previous inability to do so had caused quite a concern among gamers recently with one journalist coming out recently discussing the fact games and their files now take up multiple gigabytes of data on a 500GB hard drive, not leaving much room to install a number of games.

Sharing is caring

Sony are also bolstering the console’s social abilities making it a bit easier to navigate through a player’s friends list, find friends playing the same games and find new friends using a Facebook search.

If you’re so inclined, it is now easier to brag about trophies won in-game with friends with a screen shot being taken for easier sharing on social media.

Finally, on the topic of sharing content, it will now be possible to share video clips on Dailymotion.

PS4 controller image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic