Pinterest hits 30bn pins mark and 50pc rise in last six months

25 Apr 2014

Online pinboard Pinterest has amassed 30bn pins – or pieces of shared content – from users and has seen growth of 50pc in the last six months, said Ben Silbermann, the company’s CEO.

Founded in 2010, the site has become one of the biggest content-sharing websites for people looking to arrange holidays, events or just share content they have come across online.

At an event in the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California, Silbermann also announced the site has seen 750m boards (pinboards) created in the last six months. That growth has been largely attributed to the site’s introduction of Related Pins to a user’s pins.

Current figures show that since its introduction, Related Pins are now attached to 90pc of the site’s regular pins, while the number of users repinning these Related Pins has increased by 20pc.

According to Silbermann, the next step for Pinterest is to introduce ‘guided search’ for mobile devices, which aims to make the search for particular items easier and more accurate. The app will also expand its search terms to user-generated search terms, as opposed to the 32 terms the Pinterest team already had in place.

While an ability to search more easily will benefit Pinterest’s users, the move may appeal to online advertisers, who will be able to include their products with particular search terms.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic