PlayStation 4 is back on top but gaming hardware sales plummeted last month

17 Apr 2015

The PlayStation 4 has regained top spot in the US sales charts for the month of March, but consoles aren’t flying off the shelves at the rate they once did.

That’s according to industry researcher NPD Group’s monthly survey, which, as reported by Gamespot, found that hardware sales in March totaled US$311.1m so far this year, compared to US$393.4m in 2014.

While a drop in console prices was cited as a reason for the decline, the lower costs could not stimulate more sales, as the number of units shifted dropped by 9pc.

The PlayStation 4 did, however, reclaim its spot as the nation’s best-selling console after Nintendo’s 3DS came out on top in February.

Hardware sales jumped by 20pc last year as sales of the Xbox One and PS4 began to gather pace. Video game sales, however, fell by 13pc. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) last month claimed it has sold 20.2m PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide.

PlayStation 4 image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic