Watch: Mario Kart in real life is even more fun

8 Feb 2016

Mario Kart image via YouTube

Six Mario Kart fans have released a video of them orchestrating a real-life Mario Kart race in a UK shopping centre. The result? Falling foul of the law.

A Westfield shopping centre in London played host to a bizarre real-life Mario Kart race recently when six people, all in character, raced around in front of some surprised shoppers.

Luckily the shopping centre was remarkably empty, so when Mario throws a banana behind for Bowzer to spin out of control, nobody gets hurt.

There’s the odd security guard spotted but remarkably little interference. The only down time is when they end up in a lift, heading down to an equally underpopulated car park.

Mario Kart: Don’t get caught

“What are the rules? Don’t hit anyone and don’t get caught.” So opens the video and, by the end the people behind the Base37 sketch have achieved their goal. All to the wonderful sounds of computer games of old.

Until the police catch them after they have left the shopping centre, that is.

“They saw the funny side and let us go. I think they just wanted to make sure that we weren’t planning anything else,” said one person that The Independent reports is behind the bizarre stunt.

Which leaves the group free for level two, perhaps. Enjoy:

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic