Home energy monitor counts household costs

27 Sep 2010

A handy little device that measures how much energy is being consumed in each household is set to help users waste less energy.

Following ESB’s announcement that electricity costs will be on the rise (by as much as 5pc) next month, the Wattson Home Energy Monitor could well become a mainstay in Irish households.

DIY Kyoto’s Wattson is a portable and wireless device that connects to the main fuse board of any home, displaying how many watts or euros are being consumed at any given time.


DIY Kyoto describe the Wattson as “a high-end energy monitor which has been proven to save up to 25pc on annual energy bills, the biggest average savings of any energy monitor on the market”.

“The device also has a memory that can capture data for up to four weeks, which can be downloaded via USB and used with the DIY KYOTO website. This offers opportunities for interactive competitions with fellow ‘wattsowners’, and a community of people to engage with, sharing tips and hints for saving energy,” DIY Kyoto said.

The Wattson retails at around €130 and Insight Energy will be its Irish distributor.