Government predicts €16m rise in exports

11 Nov 2010

The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation Batt O’Keeffe TD has said new Government measures could see Irish exports rise by up to €16m.

The newly approved Government measures aim to lift trade barriers for small businesses and the regulation will give effect to the services directive in Ireland – making it easier for consumers and businesses to buy services in the single market.

5,300 increase in jobs

Forfás said jobs in services could rise by 5,300 as a result, and foreign direct investment in services could increase by up to 20pc.

O’Keeffe described the Government decision as a “significant boost for Ireland’s export sector”.

According to the Central Statistics Office, our services exports were €67bn last year.

“Ireland is the only country in the eurozone, bar Germany, to record an increase in export activity in the first half of this year,” O’Keeffe said.