Redfox is Ireland’s answer to eBay

18 Nov 2010

Sligo-based start-up company Redfox is aiming to provide a fun, safe and secure way for people in Ireland to buy and sell items online.

Everything for sale on the auction site is located either in Ireland or Northern Ireland, and it is free to place an item up for sale. Redfox only collects a small cut when an item actually sells.

Redfox’s homepage contains featured listings and the ‘Foxy Favourite’, a box that highlights a particular item up for grabs.

Like eBay, Redfox lets buyers leave feedback for sellers, so other potential buyers can get a feel for a transaction. Sellers who rack up a lot of negative feedback will be kicked off the site, Redfox says.

Redfox has also been designed to be easy to use. “We’ve tailored our site so my mother can use it (therefore just about anyone who can turn on a computer should be able to find their way round)!” the site says.