Smart Apps upgrades its taxi app after a year

6 Jul 2011

A company which started in 2010, Smart Apps, has launched an upgraded version of its taxi app, first available on the market a year ago.

Called Irish Taxi App, it has boosted the taxi industry by making taxi services and fares more transparent and by providing taxi companies with the first mobile advertising platform for taxi service providers, according to founder of Smart Apps Tautas Jazbutis.

Irish Taxi App was initially created for people to have better access to taxi services around the country, however, with this update we’ve introduced a number of cost-effective marketing tools for taxi companies, as well,” he said.

“This latest edition (Irish Taxi App 2.0) offers more value for our users with the introduction of taxi deals. All of our taxi deals and offers are fully localised, meaning they are displayed only in areas where they apply or a taxi company operates in.” 

30,000 downloads in a year

Irish Taxi App has been downloaded 30,000 times and has been used more than 200,000 times over the past year. More than 600 taxi companies and drivers are listed on Irish Taxi to date.

According to Jazbutis, Irish Taxi App is revolutionising the industry by allowing taxi companies to advertise their businesses and special offers to consumers via mobile phones.

“As consumer spending dropped over the last couple of years, our over-saturated taxi industry was one of the first to experience that change.

“Unlike most of the businesses that adjusted their prices in line with reduced consumer buying power, taxi service prices remained unchanged as they are set and controlled by the taxi regulator. One of the solutions we offer taxi companies and drivers is the facility to offer deals and discounts in order to build loyalty with customers and make their services more affordable.”

Photo: Tautas Jazbutis, founder of Irish company Smart Apps