Weekend takeaway: the Northern start-up lights

30 Sep 2016

Essential weekend reading, including the six Northern Ireland start-ups to watch. Image: GaudilLab/Shutterstock

From the Northern Ireland start-ups to watch, to Eir accelerating its rural fibre rollout, we cover all the important areas in the sci-tech world this week.

1. 6 new Northern Ireland start-ups inventing the future

Winners of the 2016 Invent Awards represent the latest promising innovations coming out of Northern Ireland.

2. Eir says first 1,000 of 300k rural fibre homes are live – moves target to 2018

Eir says the first 1,000 of 300,000 rural fibre homes are live – and that it is now moving its own target forward to have the latter number connected by 2018.

3. Mega IoT cyberattack: OVH suffers 1.5Tbps DDoS attack via 145,000 webcams

Future Human

The machines are marching: in what is the world’s largest DDoS attack so far, hackers have enlisted a network of over 145,000 internet of things (IoT) devices, and hacked CCTV cameras to mount an attack on data hosting company OVH.

4. Salesforce wants EU to revise Microsoft’s LinkedIn purchase

Salesforce wants EU regulators to take a good hard look at Microsoft’s $26bn purchase of LinkedIn, claiming it’s the death knell for competition.

5. Ryder Cup heckler putts European pros in their place

An opportune moment for one lucky, vocal heckler at the Ryder Cup has landed David Johnson a Twitter celebrity crown, and $100.

6. New Microsoft AI research group will try to make Cortana better

Microsoft is doubling down on its efforts to create better AI, with the establishment of a dedicated research group of over 5,000 staff to make Cortana and its other products much smarter.

7. How did our teeth evolve? A 3D printed fish fossil might have a clue

By analysing a 3D print of a 400m-year-old fish fossil, Australian researchers believe they will find a big clue to the evolutionary origin of our own teeth.

8. Career Zoo companies reveal roles they’re looking to fill

Some of the companies attending Career Zoo have revealed the various positions they’re seeking applications for at the organisers’ final event of the year.

9. Rosetta reveals final close-up photos of Comet 67P

In its final hours, the Rosetta spacecraft has revealed a series of incredible photos as it makes it approach towards the surface of Comet 67P.

10. We’re hiring: Business development executive

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years