Gigglebit: 11 terrible tech-inspired Halloween costumes

20 Oct 2014

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With Halloween approaching, we’d like to give our readers a guide to what not to wear as a tech fan this year. For years now, Halloween outfits have straddled a line between fun and frivolous and obtuse and offensive, and it’s always best to be on the right side of that line.

While we love technology and science and believe there are plenty of ways to turn this love into a creative Halloween costume, some tech-inspired get-ups are too inappropriate, too off-the-mark, or simply too bad to be considered good.

For example, the ‘sexy’ versions of inanimate objects. I know we lust after our gadgets in a sense, and dressing sexy is just fine on any day of the year, but just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you need to turn a GameBoy, credit card or an iPod dock into something provocative.

Sexy GameBoy costume Sexy credit card costume Sexy iPod dock costume

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What goes for inanimate objects also stands for video game characters. This is a Halloween staple for gamer geeks everywhere and provides a wealth of great costume ideas, but, again, there’s something unsettling about turning beloved, often asexual, animated characters into something provocative.

Sexy Super Mario costume Sexy Luigi costume Sexy Sonic the Hedgehog costume

No, we don’t know why Mario and Luigi’s moustaches are around their necks, either. (Images via

Inappropriate Halloween dressing doesn’t stop at sexing up objects and childhood memories, though. For example, this zombie Steve Jobs costume – which includes tinted glasses – brings horrific to a whole new level.

Zombie Steve Jobs costume

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We’re not saying you shouldn’t dress up as your favourite social network for Halloween, as many tech fans and social media addicts have found clever and creative ways to do this in recent Halloweens past, but this just-about-avoiding-copyright-infringement store-bought Facebook option with a pointed finger instead of a thumbs up is simply too wide of the mark.

Facebook Halloween costume

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And, while we’re on the subject of lame techie Halloween costumes, we also advise you don’t subject your pets to this embarrassment, either. (That goes for your kids, too.)

iPhone dog costume New York Metro Card dog costume

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