What profession do Tinder users find most attractive?

25 Feb 2016

Tinder has revealed the professions that are most likely to garner a swipe right, with male pilots and female physical therapists cleaning up.

Late last year, Tinder “introduced the ability” to include your profession on your Tinder profile. In reality, many didn’t realise it was happening – maybe some still don’t realise it has happened.

“Since then, millions of Tinder users have added their job to their profiles,” claims the company, which also says including such details increases your chances of finding a match.

But what professions are most popular? Well, according to Tinder’s US data, entrepreneurs of both sexes do well, but pilots (male) and physical therapists (female) top the charts.

Of course, social media apps aren’t police, so there’s nothing to stop you just saying you’re a pilot by day, entrepreneur by night.

Tinder top professions right swipe

Secret ranking

Tinder CEO Sean Rad recently revealed that users are ranked, behind the scenes, meaning the scroll of people presented to you is not as random as you may have thought.

Rad said that Tinder has implemented an algorithm that means that when a user swipes right or left on a profile, the selection of a profile to appear is assigned to you by an ‘Elo score’.

For those unfamiliar, an Elo score is used in competitive sports, in particular as a method of ranking players based off their results and then using that to judge who they can play against as someone of relatively equal skill.

In the case of Tinder, however, this basically means that the profiles you’re presented with are likely to be in the same ‘league’, as you, as some would say.

Pilot image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic