As the biopharma sector goes from strength to strength in Ireland, careers in that area abound – and they’re ones you can feel good about.

At a National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) event in April of this year, we caught up with Gary Collins, director of operations for biologics at MSD, to talk about what makes biopharma a great sector to work in.

“Personally, I’ve got to work on two life-saving drugs,” said Collins.

From another (arguably more cynical) point of view, a career in biopharma can also mean long-term job security and stability, as the sector goes from strength to strength in Ireland.

This strength translates to continued growth in the Irish biopharma market, as hubs in Cork and Galway experience a heavy influx of FDI. This places MSD – and its talent – in great company, and the future is looking good.

Words by Kirsty Tobin