Enterprise Ireland CEO Julie Sinnamon told the Future Human audience how start-ups and SMEs can get help during the Covid-19 crisis.

While many businesses around the country have struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic, Enterprise Ireland’s CEO remains optimistic about the future for Irish SMEs.

Speaking at Future Human last month, Julie Sinnamon said Covid-19 has “opened the eyes of many really traditional companies to what is possible”.

“We’ve all been engaged in this massive global social experiment for the last six months and suddenly people have realised that jobs that you didn’t think could be done from home can be done from home.”

Sinnamon also spoke about the financial supports that are available to SMEs during the pandemic and urged any company that had questions to contact Enterprise Ireland’s dedicated Covid response hub. “We will tell you whether it’s us or somebody else that can provide that support to you.”


Words by Jenny Darmody