Speaking at Inspirefest 2018, Dr Imelda Lambkin of Enterprise Ireland explained how if you haven’t considered Horizon 2020 funding before, you might want to now.

To get a sense of Ireland’s achievements in attracting EU Horizon 2020 funding, it is worth noting that the country has attracted approximately €500m of that fund in various projects under the current programme.

Dr Imelda Lambkin, the national director for Horizon 2020 at Enterprise Ireland, said at Inspirefest 2018 that under the current programme, as much as €70bn is available to both academia and industry to use to solve global issues such as disease or transportation.

Unlike venture capital funding and other types of commercial funding, accessing it could see you net potentially millions of euro in funding with no equity or need to give up a part of your business.

“If you’re a company with a disruptive technology, this is for you,” Lambkin said.


Words by Colm Gorey