Mastercard and ML-Labs have teamed up on a new PhD internship programme to develop a pipeline of machine learning talent.

A new initiative is giving PhD candidates from ML-Labs, which is the Science Foundation Ireland centre for research training in machine learning, the opportunity to spend four months working at the Mastercard tech hub Dublin.

To learn more about it, we spoke to Mastercard’s Dr Steve Flinter, ML-Labs’ Dr Brian Mac Namee and PhD student Sagar Saxena.

Saxena described the internship at Mastercard as a “game changer” for him. “I think the experience that I’ve accrued here would help me shape my future for the better.”

Mac Namee added that it is designed to be accessible to applicants from all kinds of different backgrounds. “So whether you’re interested in working on new and exciting machine learning algorithms or bringing machine learning into a new area, or even looking at the societal impacts of machine learning, there’s a place for you.”


Words by Lisa Ardill