Fidelity Investments’ Padraig Mahony and Sharon Walsh discuss the value of having a mentor and share their advice for others looking to boost their career.

Leaders often talk about the importance of finding a mentor early in your career, but it can be nerve-racking for those who have never had one before.

Fidelity Investments’ Padraig Mahony has had several mentorships during his career and his current one is with the company’s vice-president of technology management, Sharon Walsh.

He said the most important factor when seeking out a mentor is commitment and a desire to be mentored.

“Once you have a mentor in place, I think it’s really important to build a rapport with that person, really connect with them,” he said.

“Really importantly, I would say be open to feedback. Sometimes we might struggle a little bit with that if we hear feedback that we mightn’t necessarily agree with, but you really need to lean into it.”


Words by Jenny Darmody