At AOL DevFest 2016 in Dublin, David Shing told why he thinks the label ‘millennials’ is too restrictive.

AOL’s DevFest 2016 was held in Dublin this summer, bringing the global company’s engineers together to chat about new and better ways of developing software.

For these developers, digital prophet David Shing would advise that they don’t build products for millennials. Shing’s issue with this demographic label is that it is too limited to represent a major, varied grouping of people around the world.

Inspirefest 2017

“They’re just young adults, they’re acting like young adults have always done,” he said. “The difference is their playgrounds are different than what we had. It is on a screen now, not the backyard.

“That’s what it’s about, behaviours and the context of what that behaviour is. It doesn’t matter who they are, we don’t need to pigeonhole them.”

Words by Elaine Burke