NDRC’s Angela Duffy, Alan Costello and Gary Leyden discuss the opportunities that its accelerator programme can offer to tech start-ups.

Ahead of the its next accelerator programme, we paid a visit to Dublin’s NDRC to find out about the supports, benefits and opportunities available to start-ups that choose to get their business off the ground there.

Venture investment leaders Angela Duffy and Alan Costello joined commercial director Gary Leyden to tell us about the work the centre does with tech start-ups.

“The social networking part of it is crucial,” Costello said. “Every week we have guest speakers coming in, often we have investors from the local and international investment community coming in to talk about the investment process.”

Leyden added: “The most important thing you’ve got to figure out is whether you’ve got a business worth scaling in the first place. That’s what our programmes are focused on. We aim to build to key foundation of a business that can scale.”

The accelerator programme takes place in Dublin’s Digital Exchange, where NDRC hosts, invests and supports early-stage start-ups with ambitious leaders. Applications for the spring 2020 programme are open here until 19 January.


Words by Kelly Earley