Ronan Dunne of Verizon Consumer spoke at Future Human about the role 5G has to play in 2020 and beyond.

Dublin-native Ronan Dunne, executive vice-president and group CEO of Verizon Consumer, spoke at the inaugural Future Human event in October of this year.

Dunne said that over the past 18 months, Verizon Consumer has been striking deals with some of the biggest tech companies on the planet, including Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm, to build a new 5G network.

Making sure that all these companies are signed up to what he calls the “double-chocolate-chip version” of a 5G ecosystem is especially important given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The reality of the last seven or eight months has just copper-fastened the need for connectivity to be both widespread and inclusive – and that’s both socioeconomically inclusive and also geographically inclusive.”


Words by Colm Gorey