Salesforce’s Katherine von Jan discussed the future of work at Inspirefest 2016, noting how far behind our work experience is from our consumer experience. That will change, soon.

Explaining that work “doesn’t really work today”, Katherine von Jan, MD of strategic innovation at Salesforce, highlighted the better experience that customers have over workers as a hint that things aren’t right.

The customer experience is at an all-time high, with ease of service from ordering to delivery of products and services – meaning our expectations are probably too high when we get into the office.

“Why can’t we Google map our career path, understand the options and pick the best route? Netflix for opportunities: What are the coolest projects recommended for me? Uber for collaborations: Where I need them, when I need them, who the right people are.”

Von Jan even suggests a Domino’s pizza tracker for workers’ progress against their goals.

“The more we know through technology, the better these experiences get. If we had the ‘superpowers’ at work that we have in our personal lives, we could solve the greatest challenges on the planet.

“The future of work is not a HR issue, it’s a board issue. It’s time to hack human potential.”

Words by Gordon Hunt