At Future Human 2020, RTÉ Europe editor Tony Connelly spoke with Dearbhail McDonald about the prospect of continued unity in Europe post-Brexit.

Tony Connelly has been reporting the big stories from Brussels for years – from the 2008 financial crisis to terrorism across the region, a refugee crisis that continues to this day and, of course, Brexit.

With this wealth of experience in the thick of major global news, he spoke with broadcaster Dearbhail McDonald at Future Human about the foundations of the European Union and the need for a new narrative befitting the 21st century.

“If you’re getting into things like the Green Deal having a binding target for Europe to be the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050, that’s going to require law that member states will have to follow,” he said. “The EU will say, well, we can’t tackle these global problems just one country after another doing it by themselves.”


Words by Elaine Burke