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Brands driving augmented reality apps growth

Brands driving augmented reality apps growth

Carlsberg is integrating branded augmented reality apps into wider campaigns

By 2015, nearly 1.4bn mobile apps with augmented reality (AR) elements will be downloaded annually, according to a new report from Juniper Research. This compares to just over 11m downloads in 2010.

The Mobile Augmented Reality report found the number of AR-capable apps on offer has already risen dramatically, while the range of products available has widened significantly from the initial wave of location-based search apps and browsers to cover games, social networking, education, lifestyle and personal healthcare apps. These developments have been accompanied by the surge in the installed base of AR-capable smartphones.

In addition, the report noted that brand interest in, and awareness of, AR rose dramatically over the latter half of 2010, with a number of leading brands either creating apps with AR content or else utilising existing mobile AR apps to enable end users to access the AR elements of advertising campaigns.

“High-profile companies, such as Carlsberg, are integrating branded AR apps into wider campaigns, while others – Time Out, Royal Mail, Coca-Cola - are using B2C applications, such as junaio, to facilitate AR content,” said the report’s author, Dr Windsor Holden. “These initiatives are indicative of a growing desire amongst brands to use AR as a key tool to engage with the consumer.”

The report also found that annual revenues generated by mobile AR applications and services are expected to approach US$1.5bn by 2015, up from less than US$2m in 2010.

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