151 technology jobs for Limerick

17 Apr 2007

Up to 151 technology jobs are to be created in Limerick by three technology companies in projects that include research and development (R&D), software development and the manufacture of radio broadband products.

The lion’s share of the jobs are to be created by electronic payment systems software firm ACI Worldwide, which is to create 100 jobs for third-level graduates in the areas of R&D, software, tech support and finance.

The new operation will oversee remote software development operations and optimise international supply chain efficiencies. The operation will also manage the intellectual property rights of the company’s Base24 enterprise payment system.

In the second project to be announced, Danish company Rovsing A/S is to establish a software development centre in Limerick specialising in the creation of specialist software tools for satellites and ground systems for spacecraft.

The Rovsing operation will employ 30 high-level graduates starting at master’s degree level.

The third project to be announced is the new European distribution headquarters of US company AR Corporate, which will employ 21 people.

AR Corporate’s operation will create 21 highly skilled positions over the next three years. The company develops, manufactures and distributes high-power broadband radio frequency (RF) amplifiers.

By John Kennedy