€300k investment for Mayo software firm

4 Nov 2005

The Western Development Commission (WDC) is to invest €317k in Mayo firm AMT3D, which develops software that is predicted to revolutionise the way construction plans are drawn up.

The Louisburgh-based company uses unique software to produce a geometrically accurate 3D visualisation of the built environment so that planners, architects or developers can portray the exact impact that any new building or proposed change to a building will have on its environment.

The company was founded in 2001 by Dr Brendan Hafferty and developed out of an EU research project.

Supported by the Exchequer, €34m WDC invests in businesses, community initiatives and flagship projects in the western region. Since 2001 it has invested €13m in 60 projects across the region.

AMT3D proposes to offer its urban simulation modelling service to architectural practices, property development companies and town planners.

Existing 3D visualisation companies are able to produce a to-scale model of a building, which in itself is interactive; that is it can be entered and examined virtually, but can only superimpose this on to a photograph of the area or street.

AMT3D’s product captures the built environment into which a new building or a remodelled building will be placed and the interactive computer model allows the user to walk or fly through the urban area so that the impact of new buildings can be analysed and presented.

Gillian Buckley, investment manager with the WDC, commented: “AMT3D has produced an exceptional product that will revolutionise the way construction plans are drawn up.

“According to the research we undertook ahead of the investment, this product can save an enormous amount of money in fees because, using this software, planners and developers can have a ‘virtual walk through’ of any proposed development, thus speeding up the decision making process.

“As AMT3D develops it should provide high-quality graduate-level jobs for those in the IT and engineering fields. Thought the projections are confidential we are confident that we will see an excellent return on our investment in the medium term,” Buckley said.

By John Kennedy