Bank of Ireland in €5m online services refresh

12 Jun 2006

Bank of Ireland has announced a €5m upgrade to its online banking services with new features to be introduced on a phased basis starting this month.

The investment is part of a wider customer programme within the bank to bring in new services. Over the past four years the bank’s website,, has grown its user base by 88pc to reach 530,000 customers.

The number of unique logins on the site has now reached 17 million per annum and the number of bill payments and money transfers online has increased by 128pc in the same period to over four million every year.

According to Bank of Ireland, more women than men use the bank’s online service — 53pc compared to 47pc; 42pc of the total user base live in Dublin with 58pc outside the capital; two thirds of registered users pay bills to nominated utilities through the site; and 40pc of registered users are aged between 25 and 34, with a further 36pc of users aged between 35 and 49.

From this month, new and existing online banking customers will be able to register and view new and existing accounts online, such as mortgages, SSIAs, saving and investments. Other features include the ability to view and cancel direct debits, schedule future payment dates, view payments pending as well as to view and delete beneficiary accounts.

A new online demo has been introduced which gives a step-by-step explanation of how easy it is to use the banking service. A feature for visually impaired customers allows them to choose larger fonts to look at the screen.

Further enhancements are planned for the coming months including the ability to make international payments, set up, view and cancel standing orders, online registration of third party accounts for payments, mobile phone top ups.

According to Mary Dillon, head of Group Contact Centre with Bank of Ireland, the summer holiday season is traditionally one of the busiest periods for online banking as customers arrange their accounts in preparation for holidays.

By Gordon Smith