Electronic signatures back in vogue as Adobe buys EchoSign

18 Jul 2011

The market for electronic signatures got an impressive boost today with news that Adobe Systems has acquired EchoSign, a major web-based provider of electronic signatures and signature automation. The vision will be to make electronic signatures natural and effortless.

With just one click, the EchoSign electronic signature system automates the entire signature process from the request for signature to the distribution and execution of the form or agreement.

The value of the acquisition has not been disclosed.

“Together, our aim is to make electronic signatures the standard way for people to sign documents and automate contracting,” Jason Lemkin, CEO EchoSign, said in his blog.

“Adobe’s PDF solutions and document exchange services platform have helped organisations turn inefficient, paper-based workflows – like overnight envelopes – into streamlined electronic ones.

“The EchoSign solution will be integrated with Adobe’s other document services, including SendNow for managed file transfer, FormsCentral for form creation and CreatePDF for online PDF creation,” Lemkin said.

The move represents an important move by Adobe from its traditional realm of graphics, imaging and web design to a burgeoning world of web and mobile commerce.

“By adding electronic signature capabilities to Adobe’s document exchange services platform, we will be addressing the need to provide better customer experiences by significantly reducing the time, cost and complexity associated with having a document signed,” said Kevin Lynhc, Adobe Solutions’ vice-president of Digital Enterprise Solutions.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years