IT sector has the happiest employees – survey

10 Jan 2011

Sixty-four per cent of Irish employees are content in their current jobs, with those in IT being the happiest, a survey for the new year by has found. believes the trend reflects confident workers and good management practices.

The survey also showed 54pc of the respondents saying the current economic climate is preventing them from making a career move, such as leaving a secure job. However, 27pc said the recession had no impact on their career decisions.

“It is interesting that one out of every two Irish workers is concerned about making a move, such a as leaving a secure job,” said Valerie Sorohan, marketing manager,

“On a positive front, we have been monitoring the Irish jobs market via our online jobs index since April 2009.

“Figures since our index began document a steady growth in jobs ever since, which is good news for people thinking about dipping their toe in the job market this year,” said Sorohan.

The survey also covered new year resolutions, and it found 43pc of respondents saying theirs was work related. Fitness and diet-related resolutions followed at 35pc.