Job Development: A digital-jobs strategy for Ireland

7 Oct 2010

A digital-jobs strategy for Ireland.

The recession has made Ireland a better-value nation for entrepreneurs to establish businesses, but also for global companies to locate here. We must support that momentum by creating a skilled workforce that is both entrepreneurial and digital.

DIGITAL SKILLS: The world economy is a digital economy. Every business in Ireland must be capable of connecting and trading through e-commerce and new digital networks.

DIGITAL SCHOOLS: More than 78 schools across Ireland now have 100 megabits per second (Mbps) broadband and under the €150m Smart Schools = Smart Economy plan every school will have new IT systems. It is only the first stage of what should be done. A digital curriculum is vital if Irish graduates are to have a fighting chance in the future workplace.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The notion of a job for life is just that in the 21st century – a notion. The future workers will most likely work in micro-enterprises or run their own businesses. Ireland needs to become a country where entrepreneurship is respected and failure is tolerated rather than punished.

SMART TALENT: Countries of the world will be vying to be places where talented individuals attracted by lifestyle, digital infrastructure, green sustainability and smart transport will choose to live and bring wealth and employment. Ireland’s cities need to become smart cities.

JOINED-UP THINKING: A united vision of the kind of country we need to be is essential. All strategies must join up when it comes to employment, transport, broadband and the green economy.

DIGITAL LITERACY: The only way for individuals to beat the recession is to equip themselves with the right know-how to converse and trade in the digital economy. Smart workers tooled up with the latest technology have that fighting chance.

NEW JOBS AGENCY: A new national employment agency to replace FÁS, which focuses on training people to the highest standards and puts national needs first, is required more than ever.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years