Microsoft’s Deepfish dives into mobile market

2 Apr 2007

Microsoft has designed a web browser designed to give mobile users the same content-rich web experience as a desktop user.

The beta version of this new browser, DeepFish, was released on Wednesday and is specially designed for smart phones and pocket PCs that run Windows Mobile 5.0.

Traditionally, mobile users have to access a “pared down” version of the html site designed for the desktop or notebook. Deepfish allows display of the actual full-sized web page on a mobile device.

When the user first accesses the website they will see a low-resolution view of the complete page, so while everything is not readable at first glance, as an area is chosen and zoomed in on, the page becomes clearer.

This low-resolution rendering promises to give users the experience of the original website while keeping in mind the bandwidth and screen size constraints of a mobile device.

The browser is still in development but a trial version is available for download from the Window’s Live Labs site. While it does not support javascript or cookies, the Live Labs site promises that “it does provide for a great experience on most sites”.

Some industry observers have claimed that DeepFish closely resembles Apple’s Safari browser developed specially for the iPhone.

Safari promises to let “you see any web page the way it was designed to be seen, then easily zoom in by simply tapping on the multi-touch display with your finger”.

However, the DeepFish browser is navigated by using the joystick on Windows Mobile 5.0 capable devices, and a back button which is available only on the Smart Phone.

By Marie Boran