Netbook sales surge 37pc in run-up to Christmas

9 Dec 2009

Affordable netbooks have the potential to become the most successful PC form factor yet. In the run-up to Christmas, distributor sales of mini-notebook PCs, or netbooks, climbed 37.7pc year-on-year across Europe’s Top 14 economies.

The percentage of mini-notebook revenue increase in November versus January was 47.3pc. Units increase was 81pc.

“Mini-notebook PCs are driving PC sales volumes,” explained Context co-founder Jeremy Davies.

“They now make up 22pc of all PCs being sold by leading European IT distributors, and 30pc of all notebook PC sales.”

Amount of volume sales

Volume sales recorded by the Context Distributor Panel – 58 distributors reporting their sales to Context – was 420,000 units in November 2009.

Sales growth of mini notebooks has continued relentlessly during 2009, according to Context. Dominating distributor sales are Acer and Asus, both with 26pc of units sold by the Context Distributor Panel.

Coming in third and fourth place in distributor sales are Samsung and HP, with 16pc and 14pc of unit sales respectively.

New year outlook

Looking ahead towards the new year, Context noted that netbooks will be a popular item on Christmas wish lists.

“Netbooks are still in fashion and offer an affordable entry into portable computing, especially for buyers with tight budgets,” said Davies.

“In addition to this, mobile operators are offering subsidised entry by offering netbook deals through relatively small monthly payments.”

By John Kennedy

Photo: Mini-notebook PCs are fuelling PC sales volumes, Context co-founder Jeremy Davies has said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years