Weekend takeaway: The science will Trump ignorance edition

27 Jan 2017

As a shroud has descended over the freedom of science information in the US, we illuminate your weekend with the best sci-tech news. Image: PhotoSky/Shutterstock

Shining a light on science, diversity and innovation, we cover all the important areas in the sci-tech world this week.

1. Science and the US: A marriage on the rocks

This week began with a surprise push to keep various environmental agencies quiet in the US. What followed was numerous rogue Twitter accounts fighting back, a planned ‘march for science’ and now a surprise person taking the blame.

2. 10 security start-ups keeping emails safe from phishing

As phishing attacks have risen, so too has the backing of email security start-ups.

3. Astounding metallic hydrogen discovery a ‘holy grail’ moment

What was once theory is now reality, after a pair of scientists successfully turned hydrogen into metal, 80 years after it was first suggested. For fuels, superconductors and more materials, this is a turning point.

4. Music to Cork’s ears: Apple to move iTunes business to city on 5 February

Apple is to close its Luxembourg branch and transfer its international iTunes business to Ireland on 5 February.

5. Ireland likely to be first country in the world to ban fossil fuel investment

With the passing of the Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill in the Dáil, Ireland is just one step away from becoming the first country in the world to stop all Strategic Investment Fund payments that support fossil fuels.

6. Data privacy a human rights issue, a potential costly one under GDPR

Next year, the General Data Protection Regulation will dramatically change how much of our data is processed throughout European businesses. Companies, though, are slow to adapt.

7. Has Dropbox found the solution to global team collaboration?

Is your team based in one room, or do you collaborate across the globe? What if there was a way you could make that easier?

8. Backstage Capital plans second fund to back as ‘many women of colour as possible’

Backstage Capital, a start-up fund set up by Arlan Hamilton to back start-ups from more diverse backgrounds, is looking to start a second fund to back as many people of colour as possible.

9. DCU researcher applies maths to the human behaviour of investing

Dr Andrea Meireles Rodrigues is using maths to analyse how investors make decisions, in the hope of optimising portfolios. She spoke to Claire O’Connell.

10. Techmums taster courses released online, targeting 1m students by 2020

With optimistic plans of reaching 1m users by the end of the decade, Techmums is releasing a taster version of its free five-week IT course online.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years