Weekend Takeaway: What are the tech trends to watch in 2019?

7 Dec 2018

Image: © Dmitriy/Stock.adobe.com

From the ambitious start-ups to the new technologies and the future workplace, what are the tech trends to watch in 2019?

What are the hot areas of growth for start-ups in 2019?

grey haired man with grey beard wearing blue shirt and black blazer standing in front of exposed brick wall.

Ben Hurley, CEO, NDRC. Image: Shane O’Neill/SON Photographic

NDRC CEO Ben Hurley tells us what’s in store for the accelerator next year as it keeps its eyes peeled for promising entrepreneurs.

Enterprise Ireland’s Niall McEvoy: ‘Ireland is a deep-tech powerhouse’

Man with dark jacket, blue shirt standing in front of trees.

Niall McEvoy. Image: Enterprise Ireland

The constellations of ecosystems, from start-ups to multinationals and academia, are aligning in terms of deep tech, Enterprise Ireland’s Niall McEvoy tells John Kennedy.

What’s in store for Irish science in 2019?

A bald man in a suit and glasses stands in a park holding the SFI 2017 Annual Report in his hands.

Prof Mark Ferguson, director general, SFI. Image: Jason Clarke Photography

Elaine Burke quizzed SFI director general Mark Ferguson on the State agency’s plans for Irish science in the coming year.

IBM’s Paul Farrell: ‘Creating a culture of innovation is about being open’

Man in navy suit and striped tie standing before screens with IBM emblazoned on them.

IBM Ireland country manager Paul Farrell. Image: IBM

From a dearth of data to data overload, organisations must strive to be both creative and nimble. IBM Ireland country manager Paul Farrell reveals how organisations can foster a culture of innovation.

How can employers adapt to the changing future of work?

A smiling woman with dark curly hair, wearing a black sleeveless jumper over a white shirt with black spots.

Suzanne McDermott, HR partner, BD. Image: Luke Maxwell

How do changes in the workplace affect the organisation? What can companies do to prepare for these changes?

Aurora Telecom’s Sean O’Donnell: ‘We’re building the network of the future’

Man with dark hair, grey beard and blue suit with arms folded.

Sean O’Donnell, general manager, Aurora Telecom. Image: Luke Maxwell

Aurora Telecom is closing the circle on a dark-fibre network that will be a jewel in the crown of Ireland’s digital infrastructure.

The Digital Hub: Keeping the Liberties alive with culture

middle-aged man with grey hair pushed back wearing purple striped shirt and black blazer speaking into microphone.

Fiach Mac Conghail. Image: Peter Houlihan

How does The Digital Hub aim to rejuvenate Dublin 8 in the year ahead? CEO Fiach Mac Conghail fills us in.

Comtrade’s Haris Ceco: ‘Banks have something most fintechs lack’

Man in grey jacket with arms folded standing in server room.

Haris Ceco, vice-president and general manager of fintech at Comtrade Digital Services. Image: Comtrade

By embracing open banking, traditional banks can make use of solid income streams to be digital leaders. But only if they want to, says Comtrade’s fintech leader Haris Ceco.

Gary Hamel’s workplace predictions for 2019

Gary Hamel is a man with white hair and a moustache. He’s gesturing with his hands, speaking at a conference.

Gary Hamel. Image: Matthew Hamel

Ahead of his keynote appearance at WorkHuman 2019, Globoforce interviewed speaker Gary Hamel, a noted business thinker and bestselling author. Here is an excerpt of that interview in which he shares his predictions for the workplace in 2019 and beyond.

‘It’s important to embrace the concept that HR is everybody’s responsibility’

A blonde woman smiling in an office with the Kemp Technologies logo in the background on the wall.

Sinead Grant, senior people operations generalist, Kemp Technologies Image: Kemp

Sinead Grant is the senior people operations generalist in Kemp Technologies and has worked in HR across a wide range of industries.