Are new beginnings all that they’re cracked up to be?
It’s exciting to think of how new aspects of your life could potentially bloom into something amazing. Image: DenisNata/Shutterstock

Are new beginnings all they’re cracked up to be?

19 Jan 2018

This week in Careers, we elected to take a more holistic look at the benefits and drawbacks of a fresh start.

Sometimes I think the term ‘new beginnings’ is a bit of an overrated concept. We think of new beginnings as synonymous with ‘fresh’, ‘clean slate’ and other positive terms, but is it always so positive?

There is something undeniably wonderful about all of the potential that a new element of your life – be it a new job, a new relationship or starting a new hobby – can offer, but it’s not all roses, is it?

In the case of a physical hobby, sport or other form of exercise, your first class often reveals how much you have to learn, and you may come away with muscle soreness in places you barely realised you had muscles.

The excitement that can come with a new job, similar to the excitement about a new relationship, can often be tempered with the natural trepidation you can feel. You’re in the early stages, and with that comes a lack of certainty, which can be occasionally destabilising.

This week in Careers, we looked at the nature of beginnings, examining the massive benefits as well as some of the potential pitfalls.

Triona Casey started with EY as a graduate, and has gone on to fill a senior audit position. She spoke to us about her start with EY and how the perception of accountancy often differs from the reality.

If you’re on the hunt for a new job – be it entry into a new sector or lateral movement from one company to another – you’ll be interested to know that there was a raft of new positions announced across the island of Ireland this week.

Derry-based broadband provider Beacon Broadband intends to expand its team and bring 12 new employees into the fold.

Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover is also steering economic growth with the news that it will hire 150 at its offices in Shannon, Co Clare. Finally, high-voltage specialist firm H&MV revealed 150 positions in Limerick.

Getting a new job and starting work is generally regarded as a wholly positive experience, but that’s quite a reductive way of thinking about it.

In reality, anyone who has started a new position recently knows that beginnings can be mentally taxing and can lead to burnout if not handled correctly. Hays’ Michael Jones has some sage advice on how to hit the ground running without hitting a wall.

For more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. Engineering firm H&MV announces 150 roles in Limerick

High-voltage specialist firm H&MV seeks engineers, electricians, graduates and project managers at its headquarters in the National Technology Park in Limerick.

2. Top tips to avoid burnout in a new job 

Working hard at a brand new job can easily cause burnout if you don’t look after yourself properly. Luckily, Hays’ Michael Jones has some advice.

3. Jaguar Land Rover drives employment at Shannon with 150 new jobs 

Shannon will be at the heart of a drive to create the vehicles of tomorrow.

4. Wireless internet provider Beacon Broadband reveals 12 new roles in Derry 

Beacon Broadband, an NI-based wireless internet provider, has announced that it will create 12 new positions at its Derry office.

5. Accountants don’t sit in an office with a calculator all day 

Working for an accounting consultancy firm can be a really exciting career choice, with every day presenting new challenges.

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