Donegal gets renewable-ready with 10MW wind farm

22 Nov 2010

Green energy firm Energia has completed the construction of a new 12-turbine, 10MW wind farm in Co Donegal.

Located in Drumlough Hill, Buncrana, Co Donegal, the wind energy that the operation produces will be supplied to businesses across Ireland. Energia estimates that the current 17pc supply will have risen to 25pc by 2012.

Investing in energy

“Energia has consistently been one of the largest investors in Ireland’s renewable sector and currently has 255MW of operational renewable electricity capacity contracted within its energy portfolio, with a further 484MW of wind farm projects currently in development across Ireland.

“The green electricity generated by these wind farms will be supplied to businesses across Ireland by Energia which has 17pc, rising to 25pc by 2012, of the all-island renewable electricity connected supply,” said Peter Baillie, managing director renewables, Energia.

Rapid growth

Baille said the demand for renewable energy is growing rapidly among Irish businesses and there is a need to provide wind farms like the one in Donegal to accommodate the demand.

“With Drumlough Hill completed and operating successfully, we look forward to supplying this new green electricity to businesses throughout Ireland. Demand for renewable electricity is growing rapidly among Irish business and new developments such as this are crucial if we are to meet this need.”

The 10MW of power produced at Drumlough Hill will be generated by 12 state-of-the-art Spanish Gamesa wind-powered turbines bringing the total output at Drumlough Hill to 15MW.

Some 14 kilometres of cable have been laid underground to connect the turbines to the national grid.