E-car charging point installed in Sandyford Business Park

24 Nov 2010

An electric vehicle charging point has been installed in Sandyford Business Park as part of the ESB e-cars plan to create a nationwide charging infrastructure.

The charge point will be located near a news agency on Carmanhall Road, where two e-car parking spaces have been allocated by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Co Council, who have partnered up with ESB in the venture.

The charging point is a positive step to meet EU targets to reduce the amount of carbon emissions by 2020 and public charge points have begun to crop up throughout the country in counties Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford and Cavan.

National targets

“The addition of an electric vehicle to their fleet highlights the significant efforts being made by the County Council towards achieving the national targets for the introduction of electric cars,” said John Campion, director of sustainability ESB.

ESB is also working with Microsoft to install a charge point in its building to mark Microsoft’s Smarter Travel Week, which takes place this week, according to Campion.

Sustainable transport

David Warrick, Microsoft Ireland, said it would encourage people to take sustainable transport to work, as well as encouraging green advancements.

“As part of Microsoft’s Smarter Travel Week, where we are encouraging employees to take environmentally friendly sustainable modes of transport to work, we are delighted to announce that in partnership with the ESB we will be installing an electric car charge point in the building for our employees.

“We are firmly committed to greening our own operations, producing environmentally friendly products and helping our own employees, through initiatives like Smarter Travel Week, meet their own environmental goals.”

ESB e-cars has a target to install 3,500 charge points nationally by the end of 2011 – a total of 2,000 domestic units and a further 1,500 public charge points. Up to 30 fast chargers will be installed by 2011, according to the company, and will be located along all major inter urban routes, about 60km apart.